WHISPER is a modular software that handles either local or remote data streams. In its 0.2.x branch, it comes with an embedded GUI, a Guile interface, and many objects dealing with stream, a module handling microphone recording, and some specialized high-level widgets.

WHISPER is distributed under GPL license.


2007-04-19 : FYI - project is not maintained anymore. I'm actually working on CompBenchmarks.
2001-10-01 : WHISPER's development is in progress again. A new version is being built (0.2.0 branch), and the C++ has been choosed (follow this link for further informations & news, or go to the download page).

Old releases

WHISPER 0.1.2 & 0.1.3 allows provides VoIP functionnalities, but the 0.1 branch is not maintened anymore. Please, see download page.